We’re the Beals… Abroad!

Hey y’all! Wilkommen! Welcome! Gruß Gott!

[The Beals Abroad] New Travel BloggersWe’re Kevin and Jess Beals, two American expats living abroad in Germany with our daughter, Isla.  We’re so excited to be starting a new blog, sharing a little about our lives as expats and tips and tricks about travelling the world with a toddler in tow (and one on the way!).  We want to show everyone (and mostly ourselves) that having kids doesn’t mean your travelling days have to be over, they just have to change a little.

We decided to start The Beals Abroad to share our adventures with our families back in the US and because so many friends and family members were asking us for travel tips. We thought that maybe if they wanted to know what we’ve learned along the way, maybe we could help some of you out, too. There’s nothing we love more than sharing the places we love with the people we love!

So a little more about us:

When Kevin’s job gave the opportunity to move overseas, we packed up our house, daughter, and sense of adventure in January 2016 and hopped a plane from our home in Dallas, Texas, to the small Bavarian town of Freising, Germany, just a few miles from the Munich Airport.We’re pretty simple people. We love Jesus. We love each other and our family. We love traveling and we love to eat (and mostly in that order, although it may be a toss-up between eating and traveling which is why we usually eat while travelling or travel while eating… either way).

We met nearly a decade ago in engineering school thanks to two Ford Mustangs and the Indianapolis Colts. A couple of years later, we got married and took our first international trip together: a honeymoon to Moorea, French Polynesia. That trip set the bar pretty high, but somehow we’ve managed to fall more in love with traveling and each other with every new destination we check off our list (corny, I know, but true).[The Beals Abroad] Snorkelling in Moorea, French PolynesiaTwo years ago, we added our newest traveling companion, Isla, to our family. She’s the light of our life and already a seasoned traveler; she’s clocked five transatlantic round trips, taken nearly 50 flights, and visited almost a dozen countries… all before turning two years old. We’re pretty sure she already speaks more German than us and loves nothing more than Finding Nemo, horses, and flirting with complete strangers on the metro. Oh, and big, soft Bavarian Butter Brezen (pretzels).[The Beals Abroad] Isla in MilanAnd coming in October this year will be our newest travel buddy, another baby girl!

So join us as we learn a new language, explore our new home, and travel the world in search of adventure, good food, and fun playgrounds!

You can also find us over at our first blog, Little House. Big Heart. (although it’s been a while since we updated there).



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